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Our agency offers a variety of  tours that allow you to learn about the magic and beauty of morocco tours via its nature and desert with desert trips, which teach us about the civilizations and cultures that you will find in the itineraries and tours that we have prepared. We believe you will enjoy them.

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Adventures in the Desert and Nomadic Lifestyles


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Safaris with Camel & Other Desert Excursions


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Authentic Morocco Tours


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From Tangier, take a trip to Morocco



In this video, you will discover about some of Morocco’s towns and popular tourist sites. In summary, you may see the place that you want to visit or that has piqued your interest.

Imagine riding a camel into the Moroccan desert  with desert trips to watch the sun set, then settling into a Berber encampment to dine and dance around the campfire before falling asleep in a luxurious tent. That would be difficult to beat anywhere but travel to morocco.

Unforgettably unique experiences fill every day of our multisport. You’ll stroll (or bike) through gorgeous oasis filled with date palms and farms. As you tour the Medieval medinas, you’ll meet shepherd families and squeeze past donkey carts. You’ll haggle your way through the souks in Marrakesh, visit snake charmers, and dine in one of the city’s best private palaces.

Morocco Culture and Desert Trips

Walking through UNESCO-protected medinas, lush olive and argan trees, old kasbahs, wide desert dunes in desert trips, and colorful souks will make you feel like a traveler, not a tourist.

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Marrakesh, Sahara,casablanca,chefchaouen, and Fes are members of the Morocco Family

Memories that you’ll all cherish for years to come, for example. Getting to know shepherd families and Riding camels in arid dunes and biking through lovely oasis.

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Luxury bivouacs desert

Do you want to spend a night in a bivouac in the desert to fully immerse yourself in the essence of the desert?
Travel across the desert by camel to one of our bivouacs and the most spectacular sunsets, or have a romantic meal beneath the stars and a lovely evening over a campfire.
Beautiful campgrounds are set in the center of Agafay’s dunes, constructed like African lodges, appealing to explore and escape in the middle of the desert and offering a one-of-a-kind experience with its tastefully equipped tents.

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UNESCO has acknowledged an extraordinary human heritage.

Morocco’s uniqueness is exemplified by its nine items designated as global human and cultural treasures. around the country
Ksar Ait Ben Haddou, near Ouarzazate, is a fantastic location. UNESCO has declared the ancient towns of Fez, Marrakesh, Tetouan, Essaouira, and Rabat, as well as the medieval city of Meknes and the Portuguese city of Mazagan, at the archaeological site of Volubilis, all Roman remains.

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We started this company for two simple reasons: to help my village friends find work and take care of their families by giving them the opportunity to do what they love most, and to show our visitors our culture, hospitality, and traditions that we learned growing up on the edg of Erg Chebbi and in the desert villages of Merzouga.

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Excerpts from some of the excursions conducted by our tourist travel agency in Morocco that were extremely popular with travelers, which you may find interesting, and if you want to see more, please click on SEE ALL TOURS below or  in navigation bar.

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8 DAYS  •  7 NIGHT  •  4.8 STARS


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8 DAYS  •  7 NIGHT  •  4.6 STARS


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5 DAYS  •  4 NIGHT  •  5 STARS


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5 DAYS  •  4 NIGHT  •  4.5 STARS


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1 DAYS  •  5 STARS


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